Shaman Blues

by Moontown

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MEDICAL ART PROCESS -- EXPERIMENT 002 "Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter" (Feb 22 2015)

Step One) Descend into the unconscious, the shamanic lower world, through active imagination and free improvisation, in this case a blues rock jam with no metronome, no strict time limit, no rules, no structure, just what comes out of the instruments straight to tape. Guitars are used exclusively in order to minimize the synthetic quality of the music as much as possible. Do not speak -- let nature speak through you.
Step Two) In the non-ordinary shamanic lower world that is the unconscious, the imaginary realm of art and culture where therapy rituals may be enacted, find the sickness (within the expressive capacity of your tools) and imagine a ritual of removing it musically. This is the psychological disease we aim to isolate and extract by entering our imagination and unconscious, and invoking the shamanic magic of the Earth, pure imagination.
Step Three) Now that the sickness has been expunged, restore the soul to perfect clarity of expression, retrieve the lost soul and integrate it with the body. This all occurs inside imagination, beyond the laws of science, and this is precisely why it is PSYCHOLOGICALLY effective. The truest reality can only be expressed in poetry, not math.
Step Four) The sickness has been expunged, the soul has been retrieved. Now are work is done and the remaining task is to ascend out of the lower world of the unconscious and to return to the conscious rational world.

You now have an image of the shamanic work, the world's oldest religion, the spirituality of the earth itself -- the genesis of artwork. Art is the attempt to enter our imagination and heal our imaginary sicknesses, our mental diseases.... this is not science, it is spiritual ritual. It does not work on you the way scientific medicine works on you, make no mistake. This works on you by bringing out the natural healing powers of the body once the will and imagination is invoked. Act out in imagination what you will become in reality, and you have sealed the deal.

EXEGESIS -- ART IS SHAMANISM. The proper use of art is for psychological therapy, and it takes that course through the imagination. Thus art is shamanic ritual -- art is the world's oldest religion, art is the spirit of the earth. All life is imagination, is it not? As Kant said, time and space we know to be facets of consciousness, not the universe ... thus if I do a little spirit dance to make the ghosts and shadows work in your favor, am I not nothing more than a psychologist? A mental healer? I am merely creating a dream which triggers your body's mechanism for self-healing. A shaman stands in the soul of every man and woman, the creator of the dreams you see when you sleep. Sure, going to Church has its benefit ... it's a ritual, like a movie, and it's impossible to experience it without that ritual working on your psyche. So you can call it illusion all you want, but odds are there's a lot more illusion in what you call reality than you'd care to admit. And the effects of this "illusion," this "symbol" are nevertheless REAL.


released February 22, 2015



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Moontown Newark, Delaware

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